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  • PC and Mac installation and configuration
  • Home technical support
  • Small to Medium business technical support
  • Windows Server installation
  • SQL Server
  • MS Access database development
  • Network installation and support
  • Wireless network setup and configuration
  • Microsoft .Net development
  • Server, Desktop and Mac backup solutions
  • Virus removal and general computer cleanup/reimage
  • Computer sales and service

Time To Upgrade?

Do you hold your breath every time you power on your computer? Is your computer starting to become unreliable? Is it taking too long to start up? Do programs seem to take forever to load? 

Perhaps a general clean up or even a reimage would resolve the issue however if you’ve had your computer for more than 5 years maybe it’s time to consider an upgrade. Contact us for pricing on a new PC laptop, desktop or Mac.

Complete Data Access - Time To Upgrade

Does Your WiFi Need a Boost?

Complete Data Access - Home WiFi

As many of us are working from home more than normal your home WiFi is as important as ever. 

Are you getting drops outs? Are you not getting good coverage throughout your home? Does your WiFi seem to slow down when the whole family is connected?

Maybe it’s simply a layout issue or maybe you need to upgrade your home WiFi. Contact us to discuss options.

Need a Custom Built Database?

Can’t find a database application which specifically suits your business requirements? We develop custom built databases using applications such as Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Access and Microsoft .Net.

Or perhaps you have an existing Microsoft Access database and need help adding new features or providing on going support. Maybe you have out grown your Microsoft Access database but don’t want to change the application interface. 

We can keep your existing Microsoft Access front end and upsize your data file from Microsoft Access to Microsoft SQL Server.Contact us to find out how we can help you with your database requirements.

Complete Data Access - Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Access

Network Need an Upgrade or Tune Up?

Complete Data Access - Network Support

Is  your network running slow, does it need expanding or has your office grown to a point where you need one?

Maybe its just a couple of computers which need to communicate or perhaps you require a server installed.

Whether you’re talking 2 computers or 20 computers feel free to contact us and we can discuss your requirements and work out a solution that best suits you.